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The first layer of this whole ecosystem is the Wolton parent chain. Parent chain contains waltcoin, sub-chain management, smart contract execution, distributed asset management, and distributed governance system. There are 78,134,247.28 WTC tokens in circulation as of 12 November 2021. Woltonchain has a great scope ahead because of the large scalability of IoT things and […]

Cryptocurrency and NFTs: What’s the Difference?

Hence Stablecoins are aiming to become the safest cryptocurrency alternatives of fiat currencies. In this respect, the space is akin to Clark Kent discovering that he’s Superman and gradually transitioning from an ordinary journalist to an Earth-saving superhero. Arguably, Bitcoin made “blockchain” a popular term, leading to the development of numerous altcoins that harness blockchain’s […]

Economía digital: una nueva visión para el comercio

La Presidencia maltesa alcanza un acuerdo con el Parlamento Europeo sobre un sistema financiado por la UE, denominado «WiFi4EU», destinado a promover el acceso gratuito a Internet en ayuntamientos, hospitales, parques y otros lugares públicos. A partir del 15 de junio de 2017, ya no se aplican tarifas de itinerancia en la Unión Europea. En […]

Top 20 NFT Marketplaces: Where to buy and sell NFTs

TofuNFT marketplace, previously known as the ‘SCV NFT marketplace’, operated with the combination of DeFi and NFT marketplace features. The rebranding to TofuNFT made it a solely NFT-focused platform. In September 2021, they launched the beta version and in November they managed to do a full product launch. The more complex platform you want to […]

An Introduction To Selling Your Business

That is, a business cheaply valued will sell more quickly than one that is fully valued. An independent valuation expert provides the business owner with a second opinion and a market check. For private equity buyers, businesses that lead to increased sales, lowered overhead, and increased gross margins continue to be attractive. These buyers […]